Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bib and Tuck

This is just a quick clothing list post. I had this website bookmarked for an AGE- even after I found I couldn't use it because I'm not in the US. I just look at it occasionally and weep over the weird clothes they have on there that I WANT SO BADLY. 

So this is just a heads up for US people. Have a poke. I mean, it's probably good for my unemployed student wallet that I can't buy from them, but...

And if we just ignore the fact that I still can't afford 80% of these and I don't understand US sizing... YEAH. 

Also since when did the person who vowed never to wear black (failed, often) only pick out grey-scale dresses? What's happened to me?!

Okay, well in day to day life, not much because I still dressed like a 4 year old on a hike when I was a 21 year old on a hike. #FASHUN yh yh

look at this overexposed adult in a coastal cave with a woolly hat and clashing scarf and raincoat :D
ah, "aesthetics" xD


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I was dressing like an autumn day yesterday to cycle in the rain and go to lectures, then run around in the dark and cold to by cream to make sticky toffee puddings. Very autumnal. Today, though, it's as sunny as anything and I'm wearing florals. (Florals for spring... groundbreaking.) Hey ho- early spring/late winter is a strange time of year in the UK. Rain. SUN. Rain, rain. SLEET. SUN. BOTH.

(Also I met a donkey!)
Cowl neck, Topman from a charity shop. Vest top- Primark. Cardigan, TU. Skirt, charity shop. Tights, Primark. Boots, Clarks. Lipstick, No.7 ?.

I've also got my yearly spring flowers. Seems to be a uni tradition- I just adore the scent of hyacinths (someone bottle it and sell it to me, oh gosh) so they were only £3 so... I just have to get some. Watching them grow too, is nice. Kinda soothing and rewarding and I definitely don't ever talk to them and pet them. No no. 

These are blue ones, although last year I bought blue and they were pink. ^^

 And my baby succulents, grown from... stolen leaves. xD They're pretty much in hibernation over winter, not much growth going on but at least I haven't killed them... yet? Uh uh. #hipsterplants

Hope you're all well!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blue Hair

I'm about 4 years late to the bloggers dying their hair weir shades thing, but what with anxiety about graduating and severe depression I needed a cheerful change. It was meant to be a deeper pure blue, but I like the way I accidentally matched it to my new headphones. This was dye # 1 so it's possibly slightly deeper in colour by now, as I've gone over it, if growing out at the roots. I used this to bleach, and this to dye. Dyed at home with help of a parent for the bleach. (The ends have a tendency to fade to green fast because I still had henna on the last inch of hair.)

And have half an outfit featuring yellow eyeshadow because whatever.

 Dungarees, ASOS. Yellow T-shirt, Asos (charity shop). Grey long sleeve, market stall. Cardigan, hand me down. Eyeshadow, market stall fake brand weird stuff. Necklace, Accessorize.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

apocalypse looks

So hi there.

This is going to be a post that sounds a lot like night blogging. Sorry. Basically- I'm kinda into everything dystopian and clothes that match. Also gender. I was doing a lot of reading on gender. (And I'm pretty sure in my post-apocalyptic universes you can whatever gender you like. I hope- even if everything else is terrible that might have changed?!)

1. Blathers not about my clothes:
I spent the weekend writing an essay on gender and race as inscribed on the body and reading all that theory really got my fashion feels going again. I’ve been quiet here, but watching Arabelle Sicardi from a distance talking about cyborgs and robot looks (and notably how it’s to do with her own dysphoria so she doesn’t want other people copying it) and I ended up reading some Donna Haraway cyborg manifesto for my essay. Odd, but interesting- and I’ve been thinking a lot about gender recently outside of my uni work too.

A cyborg is a simulation if reality, so a copied entity that replicates and replaces the real (I’ll put a list if what I read at the end if you’re into theory). A cyborg has no biblical ”dust” to return to. All this simulation reminds me of gender- something laid OVER the body without origin, or whose origin has since deteriorated so the simulation is taken as a “hyper real” truth. Uh anyway. I really hope I made more sense in my essay. Gender is performative, gender is drag. (Judith Butler!) In essence gender is artificial and created. A cyborg is a copy of the human, a mere replication but one that emulates so much of the human it's too, real. A hyperreal. Just like gender is endlessly emulated.

I don't know, I just found all this interesting. Read the originals? I know I make no sense!

 Vest, Primark. Jeans, charity shop.

2. Blathers about gender and (sort of) clothes.

I’ve noticed recently a lot of people on tumblr questioning their gender identities, and more and more people coming out as a-gender non binary. I think most of this is driven by education and it’s amazing- I myself can’t really work my own gender out. I know it’s all fake, so why should I care whether I'm he, she or they? but yet. (And I do not mean to devalue people who have had to fight for the right to identify however they want- labels do matter!) I’ve never felt inherently woman, but I want to shy away from masculine because of the associations I have with it. But something in between frustrates my mortal brain because I can’t help but judge my everything as binary. I hate it.

*its easier to see others as non binary and if I ever mis-gender anyone I deserve to be punched

Sorry, gender rant. Nothing new, all just personal problems/ opinions.

So my essay was partly on the novel "Cloud atlas," by David Mitchell, and apart from looking at gender and the body and cloning and reality- I got more post punk cyber fashion post apocalyptic fashion feelings. (And no I haven't seen the film, so I won't go near it's issues.)

 Dress, topshop via charity shop. Jeans, charity shop. Shoes, Diechman. Waistcoat jumper thing, dad's old one. Necklace, Spanish coin on old chain.

So yes, basically I've spent a lot of time resetting all my fav stories and media in post-apocalyptic universes, writing essays on theory I don't quite get, and browsing Demobaza for a dystopian look that matches my fear of graduation and the real world.

 Bra, Calvin Klien. map badge, tatty devine. Cardigan, Charity shop. Jeans, charity shop. Boots, oldddd man.
(which I did not wear out because bra and because COLD.)

Stuff I read and badly blathered about-

Judith Butler. "Chapter 3. Subversive Bodily Acts, Gender Trouble."
Donna Haraway "A manifesto for Cyborgs: Science, Technology, and Social Feminism in the 1980s." 

Jean Baudrillard. “Simulacra and Simulations.” 

Um, thanks for getting this far with this post?


Monday, 27 October 2014

kale is so last year

T-shirt, H&M. Dungarees, Asos. Tights? Shoes, charity shop. Scarf, market stall in Penzance at Golowen. (Alpaca!) Cat, adopted us.  Earrings, gift (Kenyan!)

Autumn-ey comfey going to visit my gran look. Scarf is basically a shawl and is as soft as anything and incredibly warm.back at uni now and we're too mean to turn on the heating so it's a life-saving device.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


 Dress, charity shop (Zara), Jacket, TU.Tights who knows. Shoes, Primark. Lipstick, Rimmel.

Wore this to see "Toast" at the Park Theater, London. HIGHLY recommended. Compelling and funny and honest. :)

I was trying to go futuristic and boxy- contrasting necklines. Black and Blue.
I'm back at uni now and I feel the need to up my dressing weird game. Watch this space.

Friday, 5 September 2014


 Skirt, charity shop. T-shirt, H&M. Cardigan, Nana-knitted literally. Tights, who knows. Doctor Martens. Necklace, gift from etsy I think.

Hey there. Long time. Gonna try and pick this up again. I wanna get back into blogging and slowly turning myself into a super human creature. I had a year off, basically. I was sick for most of last year. Kinda sucked.

(TMI medical-ness my hypothyroidism seemed to virus induced and cleared itself up and most of my symptoms were from depression! Yay. Anyway, on meds now, feeling 876% better.)

So yes, I'm back. Mostly. :) Had a nice year? Summer?